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Monday, February 17, 2020

Sales and Marketing Jobs in Dubai

Sales And Marketing 
We are looking for 5 sales and marketing people in Dubai must be fluent in English and 1 year experience in the same field interested candidates can Apply.
Sales And Marketing
Sales and Marketing 

Occupation Title:

Sales Executive


Promoting and Sales

Occupation Family:

Showcasing and Sales

Reports to:

Project lead

Occupation SUMMARY 

Add to the accomplishment of the association and deals circulation site by successfully utilizing deals methods and procedures to change over imminent proprietors into buyers. Create associations with forthcoming proprietors by requesting and following up on referrals and leads. Provide food the business experience to the individual needs and inclinations of every potential proprietor and finish the deal procedure to guarantee that all necessary desk work and lawfully required archives are finished precisely and in an auspicious way. Keep up the client relationship after the deal is finished to guarantee proceeded with proprietor fulfillment with the association and to create future business openings (i.e., referrals, extra deals).

Competitor PROFILE

Training and Experience Required:

Secondary school confirmation or GED

Capability in Arabic and English (extra language required for specific positions) Preferred:

Work every so often in the nighttimes

Must be happy to work ends of the week and occasions as required by business needs

Occupation SPECIFIC TASKS Building and Maintaining Customer Base

Answer proprietor questions in regards to utilization of properties and area pleasantries; make proposals given the foundation data acquired on the proprietor through disclosure.

Follow up on referrals/leads from proprietors. 

Satisfy demands from proprietors or possibilities with respect to valuing, property maps, property portrayals, room areas, and portfolio/organize data.

Contact proprietors to screen fulfillment, make mindful of up and coming advancements, and create business openings (e.g., referrals).

Create and keep up records on client contacts and utilize that data to help successful follow-up circumstances.

Screen contract handling to limit rescission choices, give exhaustive proprietor confirmation and guarantee practicality of closings.

Giving Sales Presentations

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Follow and stick to the Consultative Sales Process when showing to proprietors and visitors.

Set up trust with the imminent proprietor and Owners all through the whole deals procedure to expand on-going compatibility.

Find the requirements of imminent proprietors and Owners through a progression of deliberately layered inquiries/conversation and use the data to modify the business introduction.

Give planned proprietors and Owners a Sales Gallery, Property and Model visit explicit to their deal dissemination site.

Clarify the highlights, preferences and advantages of the item and promoter the proper measure of focuses to oblige the planned proprietors and Owners present and future get-away needs.

Complete and close the deal procedure by guaranteeing all required/legitimate administrative work and archives are marked and legally approved.

Practice and proceed to create and improve deals content and introduction.

Guarantee away from of financing choices and present as a way to deal with possession.

Plan for day by day arrangements/visits (e.g., audit visit sheet, proprietor history, introduction subtleties, and so on).

Follow up vis-à-vis visitor association with email, telephone, or mail correspondence and encourages utilization of Vacation Ownership Advisor.

Answer Owner and client questions in regards to item data, adjusting issues, development work, financing, support, fixes, and examinations.

More Details

Use, illustrate, as well as arrange virtual visit (eTour) programming for visitors.

Leading and Managing Business Transactions

Guarantee total and precise handling of records relating to deals.

Survey subtleties of agreements with forthcoming proprietors and Owners once they choose buy.

Altogether survey advance applications and monetary reports with the client and guarantee finished appropriately.

Work with Sales Management to limit retractions, give exhaustive proprietor affirmation and guarantee practicality of closings.

Break down issues and define a procedure and plan to conquer difficulties of completing work rapidly with a high level of value.

Complete buy synopsis worksheet at end of every deal.

Connect with and impact Legacy Owners and Every Other Year (EOY) Owners to enlist, overhaul and boost all reload openings.

Offering Support to Others

React to and screen the goals of client and Owner requests in an opportune way with precise data.

Influence assets for offering support to visitors and Owners (e.g., Vacation Ownership Advisors) in a successful way.


Oversee time successfully to dependably go to day by day group gatherings, instructional meetings, and visitor/proprietor arrangements.

Show absolute comprehension of the way of life and procedures of the association.

Improve deals introduction approach through self-scrutinize, practice, and exercises from the input gave by others (e.g., Sales Manager Coaches, Guests, Owners ).

Take part in formal instructional meetings offered by supervisory crew.

Go to day by day clusters and routinely booked group/chief gatherings.

Keep up a familiarity with recent developments (e.g., news, sports, mainstream society) and data on location areas to empower and advance client relationship building.

Perform different obligations as relegated.

Comprehend and maintain state and government guideline around all deals or potentially advertising action (for example Try not to Call Lists, State enlistments, Exemptions, and so forth.).



Versatility - Maintaining execution level under tension or when encountering changes or difficulties in the working environment.

Correspondence - Conveying data and thoughts to others in a persuading and connecting with way through an assortment of techniques.

Proficient Demeanor - Exhibiting social styles that pass on certainty and direction regard from others; establishing a decent first connection and speaking to the association in arrangement with its qualities.

Critical thinking and Decision Making - Identifying and getting issues, issues, and openings; acquiring and contrasting data from various sources with make determinations, create and assess choices and arrangements, take care of issues, and pick a strategy.

Overseeing Execution 

Driving for Results - Planning and supporting the advancement of people's aptitudes and capacities so they can satisfy present or future employment/job duties all the more viably.

Arranging and Organizing - Gathering data and assets required to set a game plan for self or potentially others; organizing and orchestrating work prerequisites to achieve objectives and guarantee work is finished.

Building Relationships 

Collaborator Relationships - Interacting with others such that constructs receptiveness, trust, and trust in the quest for authoritative objectives and enduring connections.

Client Relationships - Developing and continuing connections dependent on a comprehension of client needs and activities.

Learning and Applying Personal Expertise

Applied Learning - Seeking out and benefiting as much as possible from learning chances to improve execution of self and additionally others. Effectively looks for and takes an interest in learning exercises; gains information, comprehension, and expertise; applies information or aptitude; invites execution input.

Applied Business Knowledge
 Evaluating market elements, undertaking level destinations, and significant parts of the business to precisely analyze qualities and shortcomings, envision openings and dangers, recognize issues, and create systems and plans. Adjusting individual and group activities with methodologies and plans to drive business results.

Essential Competencies 

Employment Specific Computer Skills - Using PC equipment and programming explicit to work (e.g., MARSHA, PMS, SFA, NGS, Delphi, Point of Sale, HR innovation).

Scientific Reasoning - The capacity to include, subtract, duplicate, or partition rapidly, effectively, and in a way that permits one to fathom business related issues.

Understanding Comprehension - Understanding composed sentences and passages in business related archives.

Composing - Communicating viably recorded as a hard copy as suitable for the necessities of the crowd.

Useful Job Family Competencies

Conceiving Sales Approaches and Solutions - Trying unique and novel approaches to manage deals difficulties and openings; making courses of move or creating deals arrangements that properly think about accessible realities, limitations, serious conditions, and plausible outcomes.

Deals Call Facilitation
Ensuring that a consider serves its business goals; expanding the productiveness of associations by observing and expanding on clients' signals.

Deals Ability: Persuasiveness - Using proper relational styles and specialized techniques to pick up acknowledgment of an item, administration, or thought from possibilities and customers.

Deals Disposition - Demonstrating
the characteristics, tendencies, and standpoints that describe fruitful salespersons; displaying conduct styles that encourage adjustment to the requests of the business job.

Supporting Sales Implementations - Supporting clients during the execution of deals; looking for and taking suitable activities on client input; assuming liability for consumer loyalty and dedication.

Deals Opportunity Analysis - Understanding and using monetary, money related, industry, and authoritative information; precisely diagnosing clients' business qualities, shortcomings, and key issues that can advise deals procedures and plans.

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